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Goal #8: Land Use

"Public transportation is a tool that supports Oregon’s state and local land use goals and policies. Agencies collaborate to ensure public transportation helps shape great Oregon communities providing efficient and effective travel options in urban, suburban, and rural areas."

Learn more about Goal #8 policies and strategies, and provide feedback.
Goal #8 Land Use will be accomplished through the following policies and strategies.  Please provide feedback on the draft policies and strategies.

Policy 8.1: Promote the use of public transportation by fully integrating public transportation with other community plans including transportation, land use, and economic development plans.

Strategy 8.1A: Integrate transportation and land use strategies that support public transportation in a wide range of community plans, including comprehensive plans, transportation system plans (TSPs), human service coordinated plans, and others.

Strategy 8.1B: Develop, adopt, and maintain transit development plans (TDPs) that describe how the agencies will operate and develop the public transportation system services and facilities over a 20 year period. TDPs should consider community plans such as those for land use and transportation overall.

Strategy 8.1C: Use program and funding criteria and guidance to help ensure TSPs, TDPs, and the transit elements of comprehensive plans are aligned and consistent.

Strategy 8.1D: Include local and regional public transportation providers in the development of local land use plans and transportation system plans (TSPs); include affected land use and transportation agencies in public transportation providers’ service planning.

Strategy 8.1E: Identify and plan for corridors important to current and future public transportation service, and reflect these in transportation and land use plans and ordinances.

Strategy 8.1F: Integrate public transportation and urban growth boundary planning to ensure the needs and benefits of public transportation are considered in planning for community growth.

What do you think about policy 8.1 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 8.1?

Policy 8.2: Support public transportation in developer, employer, community service provider, and public agency decision making, such as siting and development decisions. Recognize the impact land use has on people’s ability to use public transportation and other transportation options.

Strategy 8.2A: Foster opportunities and create incentives for employers, educational centers, health care facilities, and other regional services to locate where public transportation service is available for use by both employees and clients.

Strategy 8.2B: Where appropriate, develop incentives or partnerships to provide park and ride spaces at destinations located near transit services.  

Strategy 8.2C: Identify and promote local agency and developer actions to integrate public transportation early in the development process to best address of access to public transportation.  

Strategy 8.2D: Encourage local jurisdictions to adopt ordinances that support public transportation.

Strategy 8.2E: Create model development code to better integrate public transportation with land uses and transportation systems.

Strategy 8.2F: Work with local jurisdictions to identify locations for public transportation facilities, including maintenance facilities, layover locations, stations, stops, and others.

Strategy 8.2G: Include public transportation considerations in permitting and development design review to ensure new development supports existing and future public transportation service where appropriate.

Strategy 8.2H: Develop criteria and considerations for designing and locating various types of public transportation facilities.

What do you think about policy 8.2 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 8.2?

Policy 8.3: Foster the development of housing near public transportation routes and services.  

Strategy 8.3A: Collaborate with public housing agencies and developers to locate affordable housing units in new developments near public transportation services stations, lines, and stops.  

Strategy 8.3B: Promote transit-oriented development, mixed use, and multi-unit housing on transit corridors and near public transportation services. Consider the use of incentives, fees, and public-private partnerships to accomplish such development.

What do you think about policy 8.3 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 8.3?

What would you like to see done to begin implementing this goal's policies and strategies?

Thank you for your input! Please provide feedback on the other goals.

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