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Goal #7: Environmental Sustainability

"Public transportation contributes to a healthy environment and climate by moving more people with efficient, low emission vehicles, reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants."

Learn more about Goal #7 policies and strategies, and provide feedback.
Goal #7 Environmental Sustainability will be accomplished through the following policies and strategies.  Please provide feedback on the draft policies and strategies.

Policy 7.1: Support public transportation investments as a key approach to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as emphasized in state policy.  

Strategy 7.1A: Identify funding to implement strategic assessment and prioritization findings, such as context sensitive solutions and GHG-reducing scenario plans.  

Strategy 7.1B: Communicate the benefits of transit as a critical way to reduce GHG emissions.

What do you think about policy 7.1 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 7.1?

Policy 7.2: Transition to low or no emission vehicle technologies, including all-electric, hybrid, biofuels, hydrogen fuel, and other fuel and propulsion technologies.  

Strategy 7.2A: Investment in low and no emission vehicle infrastructure, such as maintenance, fueling and charging stations, and technical training for vehicle maintenance staff.    

Strategy 7.2B: Increase the percentage of low and no emission vehicles used in the public transportation fleet.    

Strategy 7.2C: Support pilot projects that demonstrate the viability of no emission transit vehicles, such as hydrogen fuel.  

Strategy 7.2D: Partner with agencies, such as the Department of Energy or Department of Environmental Quality, to incent transit vehicle fleet turnover or retrofit of vehicles.  

Strategy 7.2E: Support research and development of emerging fuels (e.g. recycled natural gas and electric), alternative fuel networks, and other technologies to support use of low and no emission fuels for transit vehicles.

What do you think about policy 7.2 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 7.2?

Policy 7.3: Identify and implement sustainable transit system operations policies and practices  

Strategy 7.3A: Design, construct, locate, and operate public transportation facilities in accordance with environmentally sustainable best practices.  

Strategy 7.3B: Reduce transit vehicle idling when possible through vehicle technologies, transit signal priority, intelligent transportation technologies, or dedicated public transportation facilities (e.g. transit-only lanes) to promote free flow.  

Strategy 7.3C: Educate transit vehicle operators on use of fuel efficient driving techniques.

What do you think about policy 7.3 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 7.3?

What would you like to see done to begin implementing this goal's policies and strategies?

Thank you for your input! Please provide feedback on the other goals.

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