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Goal #3: Community Livability and Economic Vitality

"Public transportation promotes community livability and economic vitality by efficiently and effectively moving people of all ages to and from homes, jobs, businesses, schools and colleges, and other destinations in urban, suburban, and rural areas."

Learn more about Goal #3 policies and strategies, and provide feedback.
Goal #3 Community Livability and Economic Vitality will be accomplished through the following policies and strategies.  Please provide feedback on the draft policies and strategies.

Policy 3.1:  Enhance access to education and employment via public transportation.  

Strategy 3.1A: Promote adequate public transportation service to employers, schools, and educational institutions.  

Strategy 3.1B: Improve public transportation services’ ability to accommodate workers with non-traditional work schedules.  

Strategy 3.1C: Establish incentives that encourage employers to allow flexible work schedules to enable employees’ use of public transportation.  

Strategy 3.1D: Establish incentives, such as providing transit passes, that encourage employee and students use of public transportation.  

Strategy 3.1E: Collaborate with employers and business organizations to promote public transportation and transportation options programs to employees, including using transit during the workday.

What do you think about policy 3.1 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 3.1?

Policy 3.2: Promote and support use of public transportation for tourism and special events in Oregon.  

Strategy 3.2A: Support tourists’ use of public transportation by making it easy to use. Provide clear and readily available information and make transit passes easy to purchase.  Encourage public transportation and tourism agencies to provide traveler information in a variety of formats targeted to the needs of tourists.

Strategy 3.2B: Coordinate with convention centers, athletic and other large events to support the use of public transportation for special events.  

Strategy 3.2C: Collaborate with tourism agencies to identify places in Oregon where public transportation can better serve tourist destinations. Seek creative partnerships to provide such services.  

Strategy 3.2D: Improve existing public transportation services available to tourists, such as intercity bus and rail services, and encourage development of new services and programs to enhance access to tourist destinations.

What do you think about policy 3.2 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 3.2?

Policy 3.3: Promote the use of public transportation to foster greater community livability.  

Strategy 3.3A: Develop a culture of public transportation, supporting its regular use and acknowledging public transportation’s key role in community livability. Provide travel training and orientation programs designed to meet the needs of all riders.  

Strategy 3.3B: Provide flexible public transportation services to meet daily needs for older adults and people with disabilities, recognizing the importance of public transportation to social engagement and the ability to live independently.  

Strategy 3.3C: Improve public transportation services and ease of use for youth, by providing service to schools and after-school programs, and providing travel education programs for youth and educators. Identify incentives such as discounted fares for youth.  

Strategy 3.3D: Support the ability of public transportation to contribute to affordable communities. Recognize that affordable fares enable people with low incomes to use public transportation on a regular basis. Consider service design that enables households to own fewer or no vehicles.  

Strategy 3.3E: Integrate public transportation stops and stations into existing and new public spaces by incorporating art, sidewalk furniture, trees, and greenery, as appropriate, in order to make them more comfortable and inviting.  

Strategy 3.3F: Incorporate viable public transportation in congested corridors to enhance economic vitality and community livability.

What do you think about policy 3.3 and its strategies?

What are your suggested changes or what is missing from policy 3.3?

What would you like to see done to begin implementing this goal's policies and strategies?

Thank you for your input! Please provide feedback on the other goals.

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